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Round Top Antique Show: Part 2

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Here is the continuation of the loot I aquired at the antique fair:

I got these for $2 each, I hesitated on buying them but I never had a Teddy Ruxepin so I thought it’d be cool to get them and play them in a tape player and read along…

… until I got home and realized I don’t have a tape player! Doh! Maybe I can find someone who does and borrow it.

These four books were $1 a piece and I am very excited to read them. Once again, these I have never seen before.

The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1978
The Transformers Annual (1985)
The Last Starfighter Story Book
Terrahawks Annual

All of them have art, photos, comics and stories! Terrahawks looks like it’s a TV series with puppets and models like the Thunderbirds TV show, but I have never heard of it. Very exciting!!

And now for the best of all…
In a corner booth in a rack with books and other paper items I saw these:

These are all original paintings for a children’s book publisher that went out of business. The seller said they were at an auction and they were selling boxes and boxes of art. Now for the really depressing part…I got these for $4 each. $4! For an original piece of art that was used in a kids book. As a fellow artist, it really hurt my heart to pay that but thats what the seller wanted…The seller told me the name of the publisher and as I soon as I got home I promptly forgot, so next time I go to Round Top I will have to ask the name…

These are the things I got, all total about $20 or so. Pretty good deal. I also saw tons of metal and plastic lunch boxes and a bunch of glasses with different characters and properties on them. So if you’re ever in South Central Texas in October or around Easter and want to check out the Round Top Antique show let me know and we can meet up and compare notes and loot.