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Me Comic

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Recently I’ve been organizing my files and found some old comics I thought I would share with you.
So about a year or two ago I got hit with some bad allergies and the doctor gave me some antibiotics and a steroid shot. Well that shot was awesome and gave me so much energy I could hardly sleep for a day and a half. So in that time I made these comics.


Star Wars poster: card back

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

By now you probably all know that I am a huge Star Wars fan. So I decided to make a poster, but I made it in the style of the original trilogy toy card backs.  I had so much fun with this poster, especially trying to come up with different body styles and poses for each of the 24 characters depicted. The barcode and Proof of Purchase is actually scanned from an original card back.
This poster is just for Star Wars: A New Hope, if I make enough money to cover the printing costs I would like to make a poster for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi…and maybe the prequels too.
Each poster is 13″x19″ printed on 100lb gloss book and comes shipped in a mailing tube.

Get yours for only $7 + $3 S/H!!


The League #4

Monday, March 5th, 2012

This week’s assigment from the League of Bloggers is:

What media announcement had you throwing fist pumps and doing roundhouse kicks in the air? Did the final result live up to your dreams?

This one is easy for me: when they announced that Star Wars was going to be re-released in theatres with extended and additional scenes . I have not been that excited about any media announcement since then. I think I heard the annoucement 2 years before the first one was to come out and it seemed like an eternity until then. Nowadays 2 years flies by like nothing. Getting to see the Star Wars trilogy in the theatre was awesome! I vaguely remember watching Return of the Jedi in a theatre. I had watched the series so many times on TV and VHS that to actually sit in the theatre was fantastic. Plus, on opening day of Jedi I got a free exclusive Luke Skywalker action figure!

The best thing about the action figure- when I saw Jedi in the theatre as a kid they had stickers on the drinks and popcorn cups and if you mailed them in you could get a Luke as Jedi action figure- the same one I got for the re-release! Now the circle is complete!!

 I didn’t care too much for the extended and additional scenes but getting to see the movies again more than made up for it.

They did have some awesome poster art!

My runner up is when they announced Indiana Jones 4. But that movie didn’t make me too happy so we’re not going to talk about it…