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Dominican Republic Packaging

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

While on my mission trip I managed to snag a few snacks and drinks here and there. There was not a lot to choose from, they don’t have anywhere near the selection we have but the ones I found I rather enjoyed:

Dino chocolate/vanilla cookies, chocolate covered toffee, chocolate/strawberry cookies and orange wafers

Nesquick and two flavors of their brand of soft drink; Kola Real original and orange flavors

Malta India tastes kinda like a chocolate beer, Monoco bottle water, Tiegerbrau (just like Malta India but worse) and two flavors of their other soft drink maker; Country Club orange and  fruit punch.

Sponggy vanilla cupcake, Best chocolate wafer (mine was all melted), Frigus ice cream bar wrapper, Rocky chocolate bar (with peanuts) and an airplane lollipop wrapper I found on the ground.