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The League: Crossover

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

This weeks League challenge from CoolandCollected is:

What pop culture heroes or stories would make for the ultimate crossover–think along the lines of Han Solo meeting up with Firefly’s Mal on a smuggling run.

After some thought I came up with three crossovers I would like to see or would have liked to have seen. I tried to keep it simple and stick with TV/movies, if I threw in books and comics and cartoons this list would never end. So here goes:

1- Colt Seavers, Howie and Jody from The Fall Guy TV series pairing up with The A-Team for one awesome 2-part season finale. I really, really like both of these shows and it seems like a no-brainer to have the Fall Guy cast appearing on an episode of The A-Team. If this had happened back in the day it would have been so rad!!


2- The cast of Tales of the Gold Monkey and the Frank Buck from Bring ‘em Back Alive. I found out about these two shows within the past couple years and they both are among my top favorite  TV shows. They both take place right before WWII so having the characters from one show appear on the other not only makes sense but it totally rocks! If you haven’t seen either of these shows I can’t recommend them enough.

3- And my third pick is Sam and Dean from Supernatural fighting the undead with Rick from The Mummy. The Winchester brothers are freakin’ cool and Rick is a great action hero so if you could have the brothers go back in time to the 1920s and fight mummies with Rick and his family, that would be the greatest! Or even if it turns out Rick is their Great-Great-Grandfather or something. I thought about putting the bros with the Ghostbusters, which would be real fun but I think I’d rather see them with Rick.


So there are the top three that came to mind. The more and more I think about it the bigger the list gets. It’s really fun to think about which of your favorite characters would be fun to see with each other. Some Honorable mentions:

Magnum P.I. and the A-Team
The Highwayman and Mad Max
Buck Rogers with Battlestar Galactica(either series)

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The League: Zombie Apocalypse

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

It’s League time again and this week’s question is:

Which TV or movie hero do you want beside you when the zombie apocalypse arrives?

My first gut instinct is to choose MacGyver. He is opposed to violence and never uses a gun so he wouldn’t be much use in killing the actual zombies, but in the event we need to catch wild game for food, or rig up some sort of generator for power or set up a security system he would be the man for the job. Plus he’s super cool and I just want to hang out with him.

But after a bit more thought I’d would go with B.A. Baracus from the A-Team. He can do pretty much all the things MacGyver can plus he wouldn’t have any problems killing a ton of zombies. And I’ve always liked and admired Mr. T. and wouldn’t mind hanging out with him as well. And killing a horde of zombies along side Mr. T. just sounds plain fun!

Honorable mentions: Colt Seavers from the Fall Guy (just because he’s cool), Rambo, Rick (from the Mummy movies)

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