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80′s Movie/TV art

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Over the weekend I watched a little TV and a movie which then inspired me to do some fun fanart. I thought I would share them with you guys:

1. Tales of the Gold Monkey
This is a wonderful show from the early 80s about a seaplane captain and his friends set on a tropical island just before the start of WWII. It’s got action, drama and comedy. I just discovered this show a year or two ago and I can not recommend it enough. When I was growing up I loved the Disney afternnon cartoons and TaleSpin was one of my faves. Come to find out they pretty much completely ripped off Tales of the Gold Monkey.

The Retroist did a podcast about the show, check it out here!

 2. Bring ‘em Back Alive
This is another fabulous show, also set in the time period just before WWII. It is about an animal trapper named Frank Buck and his many adventures he gets into in and around Singapore. It stars one of my favorite actors; Bruce Boxleitner! It is a great companion piece to Tales of the Gold Monkey since it takes place in the same time period, has the same themes of comedy, adventure and drama. Plus it’s super fun! Frank Buck was actually a real person and led quite an interesting life!

3. Willow
I have liked this movie since it came out. I have heard alot of people hate on it over the years and I’m not sure why. It’s a fun, action fantasy story that has a lot of heart. Plus it’s quite funny! This is one movie I would not mind seeing a sequel to.