About Me

Christopher Tupa: Children’s Book Illustrator, Author, Urban Sketcher, Travel Artist, Painter, Illustrator, Designer…


I’m not very good at these “about me” write ups. Let’s see, what to say…well, I truly enjoy drawing and painting. If you’ve seen my posts then you’ve undoubtedly noticed my cartoons. I think that is a fun way to share my adventures; plus it’s a neat way to chronicle the lives of my family members.
I guess that’s about it; I love to make art, travel, and have fun.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention; I really, really like candy. Not sure why I needed you to know this but there it is.



Now, let me introduce you to me and my family:
This is pretty much how all our photos look:


The Tupa’s are huge Goonies fans. This photo is from June 2015. We traveled to Astoria, OR where the majority of the movie was filmed. The tall guy is Randall Widner; Sloth’s stunt double and the other guy is Mark Marshall- Spielbergs assistant on The Goonies.


If you have any topic ideas you would like me to cover or would like me to guest post on your site please let me know.

If you like my art I also do commissions, shoot me an email and we can go over the project.