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Goonies T-shirts!

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Here is the shirt I designed for the Goonies 30th Anniversary 5K beach run. It’s going to take place on the beach next to Haystack Rock!


Here is the other design I did for the Goonies 30th Anniversary 5k run. Licensing didn’t approve this one though. Ignore the type on the banner, none of it is correct, it was just placement text.


Goonies Card!

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

I made up some Goonies themed business cards to hand out to people I meet at the Goonies 30th anniversary event in Astoria in June:


Choose Your Own Goonies Adventure!

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Hey Goonies, I finally finished my Choose Your Own Goonies Adventure poster! It took me quite a while but it was a fun challenge!  You get to pick the path the boys take and there are some fun choices to make!
I didn’t have any money to print these up but I put them on if anyone wants one.

tupa_goonies_adventure tupa_goonies_adventure_closeup

31 Days of Halloween Art #10

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

The Goonies vs a giant monster.
For those of you who don’t know, I love the Goonies. Just check out my blog or flickr site to see all my Goonies art and such.

31 Days of Halloween Art: All images are 4.5″x6″, Ink & Watercolor and are $20 each (free US shipping). If you see one you want drop me an email and it’s yours! Happy October!!

Goonies in the Dominican Republic

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

I went on a mission trip to the Domican Republic from June 13- June 20. On our last day they took us to a market that had a bunch of souvenirs and such but there wasn’t a lot of stuff to pick from, pretty much the same few things repeated over and over. I got bored with that real fast and grabbed a friend and left the market to walk down the street.

We walked a few blocks, went in a few stores (there weren’t many) and then I went in a used book store. The store was small and didn’t have very many books. All were in Spanish and in the back they had a few old Spanish childrens books. And then I spotted these and my heart almost stopped:


Amazing! You have to understand that in the stores and in the towns we went to they didn’t have anything. They had nowheres near the selection we have here. For cookies and chips you had 2, maybe 3 to pick from; same with the soft drinks. I never saw any toys or books for sale (other than this store). It was pretty much necessities and nothing else.
You all know how big a Goonies fan I am. So to find two vintage Goonies books was mind-blowing. I truly feel God was giving me a present for all the work I had done that week, and most of the time limping around with a messed up calf muscle. There really is no other explanation as to why I would find 2 vintage, un-used Goonie books in a country that has very little.

I also found this Italian Disney activity book, also from the 80′s:

I got all three for $2. I never saw any other 80′s items the entire week I was there. I never saw any other kids books, toys or anything other than a few stickers. It truly was amazing!

The real gift from God was the experience’s I had and being able to connect with the children but I feel that on my last day this was just a little extra icing on the cake.


Muppet Babies Goonies

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

As I mentioned in a previous blog post I was inspired to draw some Muppet Babies fan art after finding a Muppet Babies coloring book at the used book store. I have always enjoyed the cartoon and my favorite part was when the Muppets used their imagination to go on adventures; often times in their favorite movies or books. So I thought it would be neat to draw the Muppet Babies as if they were using their imagination to play-act in one of my favorite movies:

The Goonies!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

It’s finally here! The 25th Anniversary edition of The Goonies!!!!

You all know what a big fan of the movie I am. For proof check out this link:

So when I first saw that this DVD was coming out at the 25 Anniversary in Astoria I was blown away! Sorry to be gushing so much, this has really been a Goonie year for me and it feels like Christmas!

Look at all that loot!
2 magazines, a board game, the DVD, and storyboard cards(with deleted scenes-one of which I had never heard of)

 I am so excited to read this little magazine replica of the original movie collector’s edition! Its full of stories and pics, I have never gotten to see this except as a PDF- so exciting!!

Here’s the board game, can’t wait to play this:

The inside of the box looks like the treasure map:

This is the first deluxe DVD I’ve bought and am not disappointed! It’s got wonderful extras (although the DVD art looks the same as the one that’s been for sale for years) but the box also has gold foil and embossing. So neat!!!

Now I have to wait for the right day and sit back and watch the movie, play the game and read the magazines. Oh boy, that will be a wonderful day indeed!!

If you want more Goonies, check out my journal that chronicles the 5 days we spent in Astoria this past summer at the 25th Anniversary: