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TMNT 2 babies

Friday, August 1st, 2014

I watched the first 3 TMNT movies this week (I still think the third may be my favorite) and after listening to the CultFilmPodcast I painted this little diddy up:



Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

This week on CoolandCollected, the topic of discussion is:

Bootlegs, knockoffs, and third-party products.

Whenever I go into any convenience store (especially mom and pop) or flea markets I always look for these. So I thought I would share my small collection with you:

First up is the first one I ever bought. Back when I lived in Austin I went to a Party Pig store and found these Shirt Tales toys. I was quite surprised to see them; I used to love the show and hadn’t seen any Shirt Tale memorabilia since the 80′s.

Next up is one I just got this past weekend. For $1.29 you too can have a pair of “Spider Aliens”! These guys are great! The package was pretty boring so I went ahead and opened them up. The arms and head move and they’re super light(probably hollow) but they are fantastic!

I got these Ninja Turles at a Flea Market, didn’t really want to pay $5 but it’s the only time I’ve ever seen TMNT knock-offs.

I don’t remember where this came from but it’s the only Star Wars Knock-Off I have; I love cool rack toys.

And this one is special. I bought this 2″ figure a couple years ago at a toy shop for a buck and some change. Didn’t know anything about it, it just looked neat. But this past year I saw a post about some old space figures and wouldn’t you know it; my little figure is a scaled down version of one of them:

Commander Comet from the Outer Space Men! How awesome is that? It’s always so much fun when you buy or find an old toy and know nothing about it and then one day you figure it out. Very exciting!

This one probably doesn’t fit the category but the figure reminded me of Ram Man from He-Man so I thought I’d included it for fun. Plus these are awesome figures, just look at all the stuff he comes with!

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Trader’s Village Finds

Monday, February 18th, 2013

A few toys I picked up this weekend at Trader’s Village in Houston Texas:

Most of these were $.50 each and still came in their original packaging. I especially like the Space Grimace and the Dominoes figure from 1993.
And then there is this:

I didn’t want to spend $5 on this but I had to. I have never seen Ninja Turtle knock-offs before. Pretty cool- I mean Righteous!

31 Days of Halloween Art #30

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Yum-Turtle Soup!!

31 Days of Halloween Art: All images are 4.5″x6″, Ink & Watercolor and are $20 each (free US shipping). If you see one you want drop me an email and it’s yours! Happy October!! -SOLD

Garage Sale Finds: July

Monday, August 13th, 2012

We went to a few garage sales the last weekend in July and I found a few goodies:

The two thermos’ were $.25 each, no way could I pass that up. The Batman Halloween bucket was $.50 and while I’m not a huge Batman fan, I couldn’t resist; look how serious he is! Oddly enough the thermos and the bucket came from two different garage sales.
And the old Viewmaster was also $.50 and came with two slides; Carlsbad Caverns and Popular American Attractions. Very cool stuff and for $1.50 you can’t go wrong!

Garage Sale Toys

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

My parents stopped at a garage sale the other day and picked up a bag of toys for me and the kids for $2. I threw a few away that were broken, gave several to my niece and kids and these are the ones I kept for myself :)

The green guy in the back is wooden clown, not sure but he looks fairly old. I’m not a huge Wolverine fan but something about that toys just looks fun.

The TMNT bike is missing all the parts so I’m not sure what I’ll do with it..anyone need it for their collection? The turtle is a fast food premium and his shell opens up to store things. It’s pretty neat, and I really enjoyed the new Turtles cartoon they were showing a couple years ago.

This little bendy clown is just weird. So of course I kept him…

And now my favorites! The Roger Rabbit car you hold up to the light and you can look through it and see a slide of the old Disney theme park-very cool! Woodstock is fun, he was part of spinning top but I took him off. The McNuggets dinosaur is great, and one I don’t have yet. And my favorite is the orange halloween space shuttle with ghost drivers! How sweet is that?! You pull it back and it rolls. What an odd combination!!

TMNT meets Garbage Pail Kids Part 2

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Last year I got a great commission: 12 art cards but in the style of Garbage Pail Kids but with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle characters.  You can see those 12 here. This month I was contacted again to do three more. The client picks the character, name and situation and I get to put it on paper. Fun stuff!

Latest Books

Monday, July 25th, 2011

We hit the used book store again and here’s some goodies I found:

This one looks fun! Check out that awesome mailbox!! I flipped through it and the story has Grandma Duck and Gus Goose in it.

I was reading all the titles on the spines of the books on the kid’s shelf and Six-Guns and Shurikens jumped out at me. I was even more suprised when I saw it was TMNT book. It’s got a few illustrations inside too. May take this baby to work and read it at lunch!

This is #4 in a series. I’ve never heard of it before which is exciting but even more exciting is what is written in small type on the back cover:

The Young Astronaut Council is an international program designed to prepare young people for the Space Age. Founded and chaired by Jack Anderson, the Council is co-chaired by Ronald Reagan and President and Mrs. Bush and has many veteran astronauts on its Board of Directors. Its mission is to promote the study of space-related subjects, to fire the imaginations of young people everywhere, and to encourage the spirit of adventure.

Pretty awesome right? Especially considering I got this the day after the last space shuttle landed for good. Really looking forward to reading this. The cover reminds me of the movie Space Camp, which I like.

And then I spotted this baby!!! Oh yeah! I love the Ewoks. Yes, I have never been ashamed of my fondess for the Ewoks. And now I can read about the one who was afraid.

Oh yeah, there was one more book I meant to buy but it got left behind on accident…

It was like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books, but when you got to the part where you pick your path you would role a dice and it would tell you where to go. Awesome. It was like a role-playing adventure book. Hopefully they’ll still have it when we go back…

TMNT Postcard

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Last week Shawn Robare over at Branded in the 80s sent out 20 TMNT postcards to 20 lucky people. The postcards were original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cards from the early 90′s. I was one of the lucky and below is a pic of the postcard I received. A lot of us took pics of ourselves holding the postcard and I even went around town taking photos of the postcard in Ninja Turtle inspired locations. You’ll have to check the Branded in the 80s website to see the photos when he posts them.