NEW PRINT: GiJoe Vs. Cobra Boat Race!

Looks like a good ‘ole fashioned boat race: The forces of good versus the forces of evil! Who is going to win and which side are you on?

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The Monks’ Daily Bread

Another book I had the pleasure of working on is now available as well!

The Monks of Archangel Monastery have a dilemma: their cupboards are bare!  But their wise Father Abbot reminds them to trust that Christ will provide their daily bread.  So the monks go about their work, study and prayer, while offering up their belly grumble for the love of God.
This beautifully-illustrated book will be enjoyed by children and their caregivers for its humorous pictures, for fun rhymes reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, and for the heartfelt message of sincere trust in the Lord’s providence.

By Catholic author and homeschooling mom Sylvia Dorham with cheerful illustrations by Christopher Tupa. 32 pg, softcover.

Here are a few sample pages (minus the text)

Get your copy today at:


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The Naughty List

Recently I did the artwork on a wonderful Kids book with Norm Harper. It’s called The Naughty List and is a super fun read!

“This is the story of Franklin McScotty who never, his whole life, had ever been naughty…”

But when young Franklin overhears a plot to kidnap Santa Claus, he realizes that the only way to save Christmas is to keep Santa from landing at his house – by getting himself put on The Naughty List.

The Naughty List is a children’s book that celebrates the mischievous streak in us all

You can view a trailer and even buy a book or a t-shirt at

or order a copy on Amazon:

It makes a great Christmas gift.

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I made a Sloth logo for a bag that I plan to use to carry my art supplies.
I put the image up on redbubble and cafepress if anyone else wants a product with Sloth on it.……23813-sloth

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Choose Your Own Goonies Adventure!

Hey Goonies, I finally finished my Choose Your Own Goonies Adventure poster! It took me quite a while but it was a fun challenge!  You get to pick the path the boys take and there are some fun choices to make!
I didn’t have any money to print these up but I put them on if anyone wants one.




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Mr. Waffle Gets a New Hat

I am proud to present my second children’s book, now available for the Kindle on Amazon for only $.99.
Get yours here!

It’s a fun little story about a Waffle who needs a hat and learns to try new things but also be happy with the old.

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Hi There Mr. Moon

I finished my first Kindle Kid’s Book!!!! It’s about a young girl who wonders about the Moon one night and decides to embark on a small adventure to discover what’s really up there.

Get your copy here for $.99! 

Here are a couple pages from the 18 page book:

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Star Wars Poster

By now you probably all know that I am a huge Star Wars fan. So I decided to make a poster, but I made it in the style of the original trilogy toy card backs. I had so much fun with this poster, especially trying to come up with different body styles and poses for each of the 24 characters depicted. The barcode and Proof of Purchase is actually scanned from an original card back.
This poster is just for Star Wars: A New Hope, if I make enough money to cover the printing costs I would like to make a poster for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi…and maybe the prequels too.
Each poster is 13″x19″ printed on 100lb gloss book and comes shipped in a mailing tube.

Get yours for only $7 + $3 S/H!!


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