Everyday Adventures: Now for something stupid…but fun


So the other day at work my coworker and I had a fight. Maybe battle is the proper word. Yep, we had a battle; a good old fashioned rubber band battle.

It started with an occasional flinging of your standard small size rubber bands and then escalated into mass chaos, run for cover, cry for your mama action. For a good solid five minutes it was all out rubber band warfare.


Until I found a huge 7” rubber band. After two solid hits from that baby we decided to call a truce. War averted, the battle was over. The only evidence of the conflict, a few huge, giant welts on our bodies. We had a hearty laugh and got back to work.


“So what?” you  may be asking

I share this with you simply because I believe in having fun; goofy, stupid, childish fun. I am a grown man, I handle somewhat important, technical things at work, I have two kids and all that comes with it; and yes- we shot rubber bands at each other at work. Yes, I had huge bruises on my body. Yes, it was a blast and we laughed the whole time. And yes, it will definitely happen again.


I know a lot of guys at work joke with each other and pull pranks (we like to hide a giant rubber snake around the office and see who gets scared) and I’m not doing anything groundbreaking or innovative. I just wanted to share with you a small tiny way I have fun. I preach a lot about enjoying life, making each day count and having fun whenever possible. But I don’t just preach it, I try to live it and wanted you to see that. It doesn’t have to involve money or a lot of time; sometimes all you need is a couple rubber bands.

For those of you curious, this is close to the kind of giant rubber band we used:
Roadpro 7 EPDM Rubber Bands With UV & Ozone Resistant Coating 5-pack – Roadpro RP7BAND

Article Name
Now for Something Stupid..but Fun!
Ever have one of those days at work where you get a little stir crazy? Yeah, we did and then ended up in an epic rubber band fight!


  1. Yep, it sure does make for a healthier; happier work place. Looking forward to round 2 of rubber band battle…. Keep us posted

  2. I’m already stashing the giant rubber bands around the office so I’ll be prepared!

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