Tupacast Episode 004 – Transformers


On this episode of Tupacast, Marc Allie, Kevin Zerbe and I discuss the Transformers! There’s a lot to talk about and we try to briefly cover as much as possible! We talk the cartoons, the toys, Optimus Prime, the movies (what we hate about them and yes, some stuff we like), we even sneak in some Star Wars toys discussion. Join us for a fun and lively discussion about Transformers!


Art inspired by this episode. Ink and watercolor, 2.5″ x 3.5″ – $15 free US shipping

Tupa_BumbleBee_animated Tupa_Optimus_animated Tupa_OptimusG1

To learn more about the guys on this show or check out their work, please visit:

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instagram: artofctupa  

tumblr: ctupa

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