Tupacast Episode 005 – Vic Sage Interview


On this episode of Tupacast I interview Vic Sage! Many of you probably know him from the Retroist.com and/or one of the three podcasts he does. We have a great time discussing his work and love for the Arcadia Retrocade, his fondness of horror movies, his work at a hotel and his days working at a movie theatre. Not only did I have a great time talking with him but I learned quite a bit as well. Join us for a great time discussing the life and times of the one and only Vic Sage!


Art inspired by this episode. Ink and watercolor, 2.5″ x 3.5″ – $15 free US shipping

tupa_frankenstein tupa_wolfman


To learn more about the guys on this show or check out their work, please visit:

Christopher Tupa:




instagram: artofctupa  

tumblr: ctupa

Vic Sage:


Twitter & Facebook: vicsage2005

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