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7 Fun Things to do at the Grocery Store with your kids


The Tupa’s like to eat; well I guess just about everyone likes to eat; but that means we have to buy groceries; a lot. It gets old and boring going to the store all the time so I came up with a few ways to have fun. In all honesty my wife doesn’t really like any of these and when we start up at the store she has a way of disappearing.
So without further ado, here are seven fun things to do with your kids at the grocery store:

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  1. Toss the items thru the air to the kids who then put them in the basket. Use only soft goods and nothing damageable or easily opened- trust me on this one.

2. Roll canned goods down the aisle to the kids who are waiting at the end of the aisle. This really only works if the aisle is empty or nearly empty.

3. Read off items from the shopping list and let them find them in the aisle.

4. Chase the kids down the aisle with the basket. For some reason my kids really like this one.

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5. Let the kids push the basket (a lot more fun the younger they are), but be prepared to be run into and run over.

6. Make funny noises; see who can make the most shoppers laugh.

7. Form an assembly line when emptying the basket at the checkout stand. Everyone helps by passing the items from one person to the next.

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This is fairly normal for us

Bonus: End the trip with a visit to the quarter machines! For less than the price of a coke you can get the kids some cool toys, stickers, candy or tattoos.

Click here for a free pdf I made full of paintings of vending machine toys:


And if you’re looking for something fun do to inside the house, click here

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7 Fun Things to do at the Grocery Store with your kids
A fun list of things to do to make grocery shopping more fun with your family

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