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Everyday Adventures: Rocky Creek Corn Maze!


This year my son’s first grade field trip was to the Rocky Creek Corn Maze in Moulton, Texas. I went along and took the ice chests carrying the classrooms’ lunches and helped chaperone; but who cares about that: here’s all the fun stuff we did; Warning: lots of pictures of Rylan coming up:

corn cannon

First up was the Corn Cannon. The kids had fun shooting ears of corn at wooden zombie cut-out characters.

Rylan picked out his own clothes for the trip; little man wanted to look good! He even had his shark tooth necklace!

barrel train

The kids enjoyed a barrel train ride.

big slide

And of course who doesn’t like a big slide? We all took turns on this one.

frog hopper jump cushion

And the Frog Hopper jump cushion was a huge hit as well!

kids laughing

And this moment was a highlight of the day! It was truly wonderful to see these guys laughing and having so much fun!

playing on hay bales

You can’t go to a farm and corn maze and not play on some hay bales!

hay ride

The group also went on a hay ride.

corn maze

And the main event: The Corn Maze!
There is a short corn maze and a long corn maze, and all the school groups went on the short corn maze. I wanted to get lost a few times and drag it out but I was instructed to get the kids through it quickly. I guess they were nervous about losing a few in the corn field. I really wanted to wear a scary costume and hide in the maze and scare everyone – maybe next time…(insert evil laugh here)

cornmaze cartoon

Although it was super hot; and despite everyone sweating profusely and needing constant water breaks we all had a great time and the kids really enjoyed themselves. It was wonderful to see the children laughing and having a wonderful experience.

sleeping in the car

Rylan was so excited on the way home and couldn’t stop talking about the field trip…until he fell asleep. A rest well earned!

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Everyday Adventures: Rocky Creek Corn Maze
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