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Everyday Adventures: It’s Carnival Time!


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Every year during the local 4-H Fair and Livestock Show the Heart of America Carnival comes to our town. My kids really look forward to riding the rides. For me it’s basically a long night of standing around watching the kids ride those rides. It is still fun watching them though and I always enjoy talking to the carnival workers and the other parents hanging around.

Ariana won first place in her class for her art project
Ariana won first place in her class for her art project

My kiddos are getting older and they have arrived at that stage where they ride with their friends and don’t really need Mom or Dad anymore. I do still keep an eye on them and it’s neat to see them being independent and having so much fun.

Rylan in the House of Mirrors
Rylan in the House of Mirrors

Rylan riding a very fast ride
Rylan riding a very fast ride
Ariana having fun with her friends
Ariana having fun with her friends

Ariana & friends watching their other daredevil friend

I enjoy watching the lighting effects on the attractions and checking out the artwork on the various rides.

carnival game

Although I don’t ride any of the rides or play any of the games, I do treat myself to one thing: a funnel cake. Daddy has to get a funnel cake!

Carnival Food!
Carnival food!

Our carnival also has pig racing which is funny to watch. The piglets are pretty adorable and they always have cute names like Count Porkula, Dolly Porkington and Hammy Davis Jr.

pig racing
Go lIl’ piggies!

This year they had a fire-breather who was fantastic and very entertaining!

fire breather

My Mom and Dad went as well and they took Ariana around to play some of the games.

carnival games

She eventually walked away with a stuffed Ladybug and Unicorn.

Carnival Prizes!
Carnival prizes!

carnival cartoon

And you can’t visit the Carnival without looking at the animals


The carnival is a pretty fun experience. There is something about the outdoor atmosphere, lights, sounds, and crowds that make is so enjoyable.

———BONUS: My three hours as a carnival worker—————–

While we were at the carnival Friday night with the kids I noticed a sign saying they needed help taking the carnival down, $10 an hour. I have always enjoyed visiting with the carnival workers when we go so I thought it would be fun to see exactly how they take everything down and get things ready for the next show.

So I signed up and Saturday night from 11ish til 2:30 AM I was an honorary Carnival worker. I think their term was slop worker but I might have heard incorrectly. I helped take the gaming tents down and load things onto trucks. It was pretty neat and I had a good time. There is a tremendous amount of labor that goes into setting the whole carnival up. I was too busy working to take too many photos though.

carnival takedown

However, I was invited to help set up the next show and take down that one as well.

My kids thought it was neat but they didn’t want me run off and join the carnival. Just yet…

Next time they come to town I want to try and work with the rides crew and see how all that works.

I’m so glad I went, I learn the most, grow the most and enjoy myself when I push myself to do something I don’t normally do. Getting outside of our box and comfort zone is when we really learn who we are and what we are capable of.

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