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Everyday Adventures: Summer fun on the Slip ‘n Slide


It’s that time of year again: summer! Camping, swimming, TV, games, watermelon, no bedtimes and sleeping in!  My kids take full advantage of all the above but their favorite activity is swimming. They would swim everyday, all day if they could. I’m surprised they haven’t sprouted gills and joined a pod of dolphins out in the ocean. I like swimming too but all day every day gets a little old for me. A fun addition or alternative to swimming is the tried and true Slip ’n Slide.

The basic Slip ‘n Slide is fun, but not so much for a grown man. And here’s why: it’s too short. By the time I hit the slide I’m already at the end, or near enough. So here are a few little drawings showing the ways I have personally improved upon the Slip ‘n Slide in the past:

slip n slide upgrade

And just for kicks here is some photos of my kids on their Slip ‘n Slide:

slip n slideslip n slideslip n slide

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Everyday Adventures: Summer fun on the Slip 'n Slide
Adding a new twist on the classic Slip 'n Slide! Photos and cartoons!

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